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Whether Medical, Hemp or Personal Cannabis activity 
Agent 420 is committed to serving the Cannabis Community at all levels - whether Citizens, Business-people or Activists.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Cannabis Coverage; All kinds of Dispensary, Cooperative, Caregiver & Collective Insurance plans and policies. Such as ...

- Medical Marijuana Professional Liability Coverage
- Product Manufacturers and Cannabis Vendors
- Commercial Auto and Marijuana Delivery
- State Raids and Legal Defense Insurance
- Medical Marijuana Property and General Liability (Premisis) Insurance


One Stop Medical Cannabis Resource Network - Cannabis (Marijuana) Insurance Solutions.

Plans & Policys -
- Cannabis Growers and Cultivators Insurance
- Medical Marijuana Dispensary Insurance
- Insurance for Pot Doctors and Lawyers
- Cannabis Legal Defense Coverage
- Medical Marijuana General Liability
- Medical Cannabis Property Insurance
- Medical Cannabis Crop Insurance
- Cannabis Special Events Coverage
- Cannabis Vendor Liability
- Medical Marijuana Manufacturers Insurance
- Cannabis Organization D&O Coverage
- Cannabis Delivery Insurance
- Personal Cannabis Crop Insurance
- Cannabis Collective Insurance
- Medical Marijuana Raid Coverage

Fast, Friendly Service with the Confidentiality, Propriety and Professionalism one should expect from Independent Cannabis Insurance Agents & Brokers of Oregon ( ICIABO )

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